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To order your flowers please get in touch via the contact form, social media messenger services or by calling Jade on 07871036878. Our flowers are available as bunches/bouquets, jam jar or vase arrangements, as DIY buckets and as subscriptions. We are able to cater to any need and we are happy to chat with you to discuss what you would like.  

 Alternatively, you can order one of our webshop products below (allowing 48 hours for delivery). 

A Beautiful Bunch 

Buy a beautiful bunch of our flowers online. The pick of the plot in a good sized bunch perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself. 

When you order online, I will be in touch via email to arrange a delivery so please check your spam/junk inbox if you have not recieved an email within 24 hours.

*Free delivery only applies to Lyme Regis, Axminster and surrounding villages. Delivery is available up to within 10 miles radius of the flower farm and charges will vary with distance. Flowers will differ from product image. 

A Beautiful Bunch